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Mining PDC Flat Head Bits

Mining PDC Flat Head Bits

  • Manufactured by welding HMR's high performance PDC cutters on high strength steel body.

  • The mining PDC drill bits feature long life and high impact resistance.

  • Suitable for medium hard to hard rock formations.

PDC Flat Head Bits

Made by high wear resistance and high impact resistance, oil standard PDC cutters

PDC Flat Face Bits-3.png

Features of PDC Cutters: 

  • Diamond thickness: 1.8-2.4mm

  • Wear Ratio:>36 million

  • Thermal Stability:>750℃

  • Impact Resistance:>20J

Recommended Applications:

Water well

Coal Mining  

Mining exploration & Probing 

Geothermal, Geological prospecting

-----Suitable for medium hard to hard formations-----

Available Sizes:

  • φ46mm
  • φ56mm
  • φ60mm
  • φ65mm
  • φ76mm
  • φ94mm
  • φ98mm
  • φ120mm
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